Stef MuZic Mariani
Award Winning Recording Artist


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Music and ocean living have always been a way of life for Award Winning Acoustic Rock Recording Artist Stef Muzic Mariani. Born and raised into a large family of rock, country, jazz and folk musicians, creativity had become firmly rooted at an early age. Her often adventurous and all too familiar life in the Hawaiian Islands continues to inspire her to continue pouring her heart and soul into her words and music. Stef's melodies will take you on the whimsical journey of her life. Her album entitled "This Wave" is comprised of 10 soul-stirring tracks, telling a tale of seeming defeat and subsequent liberation. Upcoming album "Colour My Soul" is a follow up work to "This Wave"... telling the tale of coming up for air and charging life again.

"This Wave" is dedicated to all of you who have ever been held under by life, much as a large wave does. You know it will let you up for air at some point and can only hold your breath until it does.........